The Wine Club Terms & Conditions

By joining this club, members agree to the following terms and conditions. Greenhill Vineyards welcomes guests aged 21 and over only.

As with all clubs at Greenhill, communication from Greenhill to members will be via email.

Wine Club membership is limited to a maximum of two adults in the same household.  Wine Club benefits apply to only the specific persons named in the membership account.  Benefits do not apply to members’ family or friends.  Membership benefits are non-transferrable.  Members must be present to receive benefits. All members and guests must be at least 21 years of age.

Club Member Benefits

Wine Club members will receive the following benefits:

  • 15% off all wine bottle purchases.  This discount will increase to 20% upon the successful completion of two consecutive years’ worth of disbursements.
  • Two complimentary tastings or glasses of wine per membership per day. Limited to one tasting or glass per person.
  • Access to our Club Members’ Lounge. Access includes the opportunity to make reservations for weekend seatings.
  • Exclusive invitations to Greenhill-sponsored events, may require additional ticket purchase.

Members will receive a welcome email from Greenhill shortly after signing up.  If the member does not receive an email from Greenhill after checking junk or spam folders, the member should email [email protected].  Members are responsible for updating credit card information, addresses, and other contact information via their online account (instructions found in welcome email).

To receive these benefits, members are expected to annually purchase a case of wine (12 bottles).  Members can satisfy this purchase requirement through two options: an annual case purchase or a subscription.

Annual Wine Club

Annual Wine Club members have purchased a case in one transaction and will receive the benefits of membership until an expiration date which is one year from the original case purchase date. The Annual Wine Club membership does not renew automatically.  To maintain their membership in good standing, Annual Wine Club members must purchase another case in one transaction prior to the expiration date.  Wine purchased that is not part of a single-transaction case will receive the membership discount but will not count toward the case requirement for membership.

Subscription Wine Club – Bimonthly/Quarterly

Members receiving subscription disbursements consent to Greenhill Vineyards charging the credit card on file in accordance with the selected schedule of wine purchases.  Members receiving subscription disbursements will receive an email from Greenhill approximately two weeks prior to the first Tuesday of the disbursement month.  Upon receipt of that email, members can make changes to their order by accessing their online account until the Sunday prior to the first Tuesday of the month.  Members making changes must still purchase at least the minimum number of bottles for their disbursement.  Pricing is based on disbursement wine selection.

The subscription option offers two disbursement schedules: bimonthly and quarterly.  Bimonthly disbursements will occur in February, April, June, August, October, and December.  Quarterly disbursements will occur in February, June, October, and December.  The bimonthly and quarterly memberships will continue, in perpetuity, until canceled.  Wine purchased outside of the subscription disbursements will receive the membership discount but will not count toward the case requirement for membership.

Members receiving subscription disbursements may elect to pick up their wine from the Tasting Room or have their wine shipped to them.

  • Members picking up their wine may pick up their wine only after credit cards have been charged on the first Tuesday of the disbursement month.  Members picking up any wine disbursement must pick up all pending wine disbursements at that time.
  • Members electing to have their wine shipped to them will have their wine shipped to the shipping address on file.  The disbursement charge will include standard shipping costs which vary based on destination.  Wine shipments must be signed for by an adult over the age of 21.  Wine will be shipped approximately one week after the disbursement charge, depending on weather.  Greenhill will hold shipments during times of extreme weather.

Members receiving subscription disbursements may request to put their account on hold to skip a maximum of two consecutive quarterly disbursements or three consecutive bimonthly disbursements.  During this hold, members will not receive the aforementioned benefits. Members may not skip more than two quarterly or three bimonthly disbursements in a two-year span (no more than 2/8 quarterly or 3/12 bimonthly disbursements) and still keep their membership in good standing.  If the two most recent disbursements have had their payment declined without communication from the member, that membership may be canceled.


To cancel their membership, members must email [email protected].  Once the cancellation request is received and processed, the membership will be canceled, effective immediately.  If a membership is canceled prior to fulfilling one year’s commitment of 12 bottles, a $50 cancellation fee will be charged to the credit card on file. Refunds will not be granted for cancellations received after a subscription disbursement has been charged.

Greenhill reserves the right to change the terms and conditions related to this membership.  Members will be notified of any changes by email.