Barrel Club Terms & Conditions

By joining this club, members agree to the following terms and conditions. Greenhill Vineyards welcomes guests aged 21 and over only.

As with all clubs at Greenhill, communication from Greenhill to members will be via email. 

Club members will have a personalized plaque placed on a wood barrel.  Upon enrollment in the Barrel Club, members will receive an email with instructions on how to request a personalized plaque.  Greenhill asks that the member respond within a week of the email being sent.  Once the plaque has been approved, ordered, and received by Greenhill, members will receive a picture of the plaque on the barrel. Upon the conclusion of the membership, club members will receive their plaque.

Club members are entitled to one barrel tasting for up to 6 people.  Barrel tastings must be requested with at least 3 weeks advance notice by emailing [email protected].  Barrel tastings will be scheduled around the winemaking process and may be rescheduled at Greenhill’s discretion.   Barrel tastings can be requested to occur between December and July.

Club members will receive $1500 worth of their selected wine, 30 days prior to public release.  The number of bottles in the barrel club disbursements is calculated using the $1,500 value of the membership and the pre-tax retail price of the selected vintage.  No other discounts will apply.  Once the bottles are ready to be released, club members will receive an email letting them know that their bottles are ready to be picked up/shipped and that their Barrel Club membership has concluded.

Club members will have the opportunity to purchase one or more wood barrels at a discounted rate.  Club members can order their barrel(s) by emailing [email protected] or visiting our Tasting Room. Specific barrels may not be requested.

Club members will receive access to Greenhill’s wine library.  Access to the library includes the ability to purchase previous vintages and wines not currently available.  Greenhill cannot guarantee inventory or availability. 

Barrel Club membership is non-transferrable. In select cases, Barrel Club memberships can be split, at the time of purchase, between a maximum of two parties, with each party receiving an equal disbursement of wine bottles.  Split memberships will still receive only the one plaque and one tasting.

Greenhill reserves the right to change the terms and conditions related to this membership.  Members will be notified of any changes by email.